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Psious Virtual Reality Technology (Digital Therapeutics) have been used and clinically researched for over 20 years in eHealth as a safe non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical intervention for the treatment of anxiety disorders, depression and phobias.

UK Government COVID-19 Guidelines won’t stop the delivery of VR therapy because Helen can successfully deliver this therapy to you remotely!

Contact Helen Ash who will raise an invoice for you or your business for the purchase of one Pico headset ( £395 each plus potential customs duty at UK ports). The tech team at Psious HQ will build this technology directly into your headset and dispatch from Spain directly to your door.

Once you have received your VR Headset the device needs to be added to your own personal, school, office or residential care setting internet (WIFI) so that it receives communication from the Psious platform which Helen operates through the internet.

To prepare for the start of the session you will be seated, adjust the the comfort of the Pico Headset using adjustable straps, and a 4 digit code will be revealed which you need to share, using your mobile phone. Upon receipt of this 4 digit code you will be immersed into to a colourful 360 degree environment providing a unique therapeutic experience.

At any time you can instruct Helen for the experience to be paused or remove your headset.

Psycho-education that incorporates the teaching of Relaxation and Mindfulness using VR lasts approx 30 minutes and numerous environments can be visited, these include:
Diaphragmatic Breathing in a Meadow and Under the Sea, Body Scanning, Imagery for Relaxation, Swimming with Dolphins, Attentional focus and emotional regulation meditations with audible guidance.

Why Mindfulness?

The health benefits of Mindfulness are widely accepted and include boosting of mood and reduced blood pressure to increase well-being. 

Mindfulness is also recommended by N.I.C.E (UK) as an intervention to treat depression in people who have had 3 episodes of depression.

Clinical studies show Mindfulness and Relaxation exercises to be more effective than imaginary and visualisations due to the immersive 360degree experience achieved using VR.

At the end each VR therapy session you will have learned how to apply the relaxation techniques in your own home to assist with your rest and to reduce stress, without the need for VR.

Safe Use: If you suffer Epilepsy, have a heart condition, are pregnant, or have or had psychosis, VR is not recommended for you. Neither is it suitable for children under the age of 12 years. If you have a pacemaker or medical device fitted we recommend you consult your GP/Physician for authority to proceed with the experiences. Some side effects that can occur include motion nausea, dizziness and headache, as this is due to sensory incongruence. The most severe side effect is Epilepsy.

Price £25

Please do not hesitate to contact Helen by phone or email if you have any questions.

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