I was privileged to have a chat with Helen, it was very very helpful and made me feel like I was getting understood. It felt as if loads of weight was lifted off my shoulders. I highly recommend people who are really struggling to go to Helen as she’s so supportive and so kind without no judgements made at all, you can openly talk about all your troubles with maybe a lot of tears but you’ll get the help you need.
Knowledge creates confidence and confidence creates success’ is Helen’s mantra. Mine is ‘Helen gave me knowledge of living with someone who has autism and understanding what they live with. To understand it has made a world of difference to my whole family.
Thank you Helen for listening and helping everyone see a positive in a bad situation
Helen has helped me to find my strengths and overcome challenges during a difficult time
With Helen, I felt inspired to confidently explore a hurdle in my life, which I wanted to resolve.
Helen enabled me, through her skilled, professional and positive support.
I felt very at ease working with Helen. Her empathetic steer helped me achieve the direction I needed.
Helen’s gentle but focused approach gave me the confidence to get my business started. I would thoroughly recommend her.
N Burkinshaw
Helen is such a welcoming, kind individual who immediately put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. Helen was able to share her knowledge and experience with me and supported me to learn new techniques to cope in my current situation. I would highly recommend reaching out to Helen as she is highly professional, polite and honest!
I have had so many counselling sessions in the past but none have helped me in the way you have Helen. You observe and listen intently and relay my words back to me in a way that gives me clarity and recognition. So my Eureka moments with you Helen

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