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Let me help you overcome your challenges and coach you towards...

Psychological Change

An empathic, non-judgemental, integrative approach exploring current difficulties present in your life. Anxiety, stress, depression or trauma can be examined, reducing and bringing relief from physical symptoms. Apply change to unhelpful thoughts and behaviours using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques. BACP ethics apply.

Re-write your beliefs and

Achieve Life Change

Transform your life, aligning your values to Life goals. Identify beliefs that hold you back- choose change! Create strategies, adopt new beliefs. Achieve life change, continue to grow from increased self-knowledge, awareness and acceptance. Bring positivity and an enhanced sense of well-being to all areas your life.


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“Thank you helen for listening and helping everyone see a positive in a bad situation”

– HJ

“Helen has helped me to find my strengths and overcome challenges during a difficult time”

– HS

“With Helen, I felt inspired to confidently explore a hurdle in my life, which I wanted to resolve.
Helen enabled me, through her skilled, professional and positive support.”

– N A

“I felt very at ease working with Helen. Her empathetic steer helped me achieve the direction I needed.”

– CM

“Helen’s gentle but focused approach gave me the confidence to get my business started. I would thoroughly recommend her.”

– N Burkinshaw

About Me

  • 2001: CPCAB Diploma In Therapeutic Counselling
  • 2017: CPCAB Diploma in Life Coaching
  • 2016: COE Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Diploma
  • 2016: COE Hypnotherapy & Cognitive Techniques for Stress Management Diploma
  • 2015: N.A.S Autism: Supporting Families
  • 2015: N.A.S Autism & Sensory Experience
  • 2015: N.A.S Autism, Stress & Anxiety
  • 2015: N.A.S Understand Autism
  • 2015: N.A.S Autism & Communication