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*Cognitive Behaviour Coaching *Money Mindset Coaching *Therapeutic Counselling *Hypnotherapy *Kiniesiology

*Anxiety Coaching for Children and Young People *Autism Coaching *ADHD Coaching *VR Therapy

“Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one’s values” Ayn Rand

Understanding what you value most in your life, knowing who and knowing what has real meaning for you is the foundation of personal and professional development in the Life Coaching process. Forming our powerful coaching alliance, we collaborate creatively to design your life plan using positive CBT techniques, psycho-education, Nature, Mind mapping software, the GROW model and Virtual Reality technology to set SMART goals .We challenge negative and limiting beliefs, we generate opportunities to implement changes through the application of this growth process, evaluating success and obstacles and strengthen your practice of new actions. We share insightful evidence based Neuroscience concepts to understand how to stay motivated and maintain new habits. Empowering you with new knowledge, deeper self awareness and understanding your purpose and legacy here on Earth



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